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A brand that has been on Britain’s high streets for decades, Sign Specialists have had the honour of working with this client for more than 10 years.

During this time we have supplied main external signage and internal wayfinding and graphics to maintain the effectiveness of the customer journey.

Signage elements vary and include large illuminated flex signs for locations on retail parks for high impact and folded tray panels with illuminated letters and projecting signage for high street locations. The famous Boots lozenge itself is produced using our signage moulding production techniques. Internal signage includes wall pictorial graphics, suspended departmental signage, door signs and glazing vinyl – a wide and varied selection which reflect the diverse range of product we are able to offer.

An exciting recent project which helped showcase Sign Specialists abilities to design and develop signage specific to a client requirement began in April 2019.

Sign Specialists Boots project manager was tasked with providing costs for a new flagship/concept store in Covent Garden, London, which we were very proud to eventually have been awarded.

Due to the location of the store, consideration had to be given to ensure that the brand had a recognisable impact but was sympathetic to the surrounding architecture.

As a result, the ‘Boots’ branding was specified as aluminium built up letters but with a halo illumination which highlighted the brand nicely but without being too stand-out – we also had to follow the local authority planning regulations during the signage development considering its primary heritage location.

Much use was made of window graphics to provide colour and additional branding to the overall concept.

The internals were where the client really wanted something new to showcase and allow for more of a customer shopping experience.

As well as standard wall graphics, additional face illuminated signage was developed, manufactured and installed which denoted the various and different areas of the store. This included the pharmacy counter, seating areas and the opticians. The specification itself was quite simple – 30mm acrylic, hogged out and with the LED inserted to provide the face illumination – dependent on the signage location, they were mounted either direct to perspex panels (themselves on locators) or each letter was mounted to walls using brass locators.

This project highlights how Sign Specialists can develop a client’s concept on paper to facilitating.

We believe pictures speak more than a thousand words so here are a few highlights….