Barclaycard Arena

The Barclaycard Arena is a world renowned sporting and entertainment venue based in Birmingham, UK. Since opening in 1991, it has welcomed millions of visitors each year to over 30 different sports and a variety of entertainment and music events.

In 2012, plans to renovate the Arena were approved and Sign Specialists were chosen to provide the new look signage and way finding system. The plans included creating a show piece entrance, three needle light sculptures, a new glazed façade fronting the nearby canal and new pre-show hospitality elements.

To complement the new look, state of the art Arena, a new wayfinding system was designed and manufactured with the intention of improving foot traffic around the Arena, as well as maintaining the buildings 21st century design. The most distinctive feature of the wayfinding system were large aluminum entrance signs containing hollowed out letters. With each one standing over 2m tall they’re impossible to miss and perfect for guiding visitors to the correct entrance. Most stand freely around the arena however a few can be seen fitted around corners providing the way finding system with a unique 3D perspective.

In addition to the letter entrance signs, bespoke Dibond panels were manufactured and printed onto, along with ‘finger posts’ further detailing which direction visitors need to head towards. Each post, created using stainless steel, stands over 3.5m tall ensuring they can be seen from a distance and hold further bespoke directional panels.

The final external wayfinding installment were large free-standing totems positioned outside each car park entrance to guide the flow of traffic. Created from aluminum, we applied vinyl graphics to the outside that complemented the rest of the signage with regards to colour and overall design.

Within the Arena, the wayfinding system continues, covering everything from Stage door directions to catering areas. Most would be created from acrylic and matched the 3D design of the exterior signs. Again signs we’re created to fit around corners creating a real sense of flow throughout the building.