The decision by Haldex to site their European Research & Development base within MIRA Technology Park, provided Sign Specialists with an opportunity to demonstrate their design flair and ingenuity. The original requirement called for LED illuminated flex-face boxes around the building, supplemented by a series of flag poles flying the Haldex brand and national flags of UK and Sweden. So far, so straightforward… However, when we were asked if we could assist with the internal fit-out, we really proved our mettle!

Floor plans and brand guidelines provided our parameters but we wanted to personalise the environment, drawing a real connection between the employees and the technological advancements they are responsible for. Inspired by the design aesthetics of these often understated components, blueprint drawings were sourced from Haldex facilities around the globe.

The line drawings became the basis for the office manifestations, supplemented by dictionary definitions, QR codes and bold blocks of colour. Inside the offices and meeting rooms, the theme evolved further with colour coded wallpapers, inspirational quotations and motivational messages. Proving once again that Sign Specialists ‘go the extra mile’, we take great pride in this project for Haldex, highlighting, as it does, the diverse range of skills at our disposal.